About Us

Ayrshire's K9 Play park is owned and run by myself Lindsay Jeffrey. I am a qualified dog behaviourist and trainer and have had a lifetime of experience with dogs. With the massive increase in the number of people now owning dogs, public parks are becoming increasingly busy with dog walkers and owners all trying to exercise their dogs. We feel that there is a need for smaller enclosed areas for these dogs to be exercised and trained and in a far safer area away from other dogs and dog walkers. 

Our aim is to provide an enclosed area where people can have peace of mind that they can exercise, train or play with their dog safely.  

Company Name - Ayrshire K9 Play Park Ltd

Place of registration - Monkton

Registered Office - 42 Whiteside Drive, Monkton, Prestwick, KA9 2PU

Registration Number - SC496902

Phone number - 07585032580

Email address - [email protected]